Japan: Advertising Of Future Land-Based Casinos Will Be Strict

Japan continues its forward march concerning the land-based casinos of the country. While the legal framework has not yet been clearly established, the country has nonetheless provided some clarifications to its future law, in particular on everything relating to the advertising of these future casinos. At this level, Japan seems to be following the global approach in deciding to be strict about promoting gambling establishments for the masses.

Only ports and airports will be affected

Although it is ready to legislate and accept land-based casinos, Japan remains a fairly conservative country. Also, the rules for the protection of players and minors will be very important. Many voices remain against this kind of gaming activity, and legislators must, therefore, be careful not to push too much publicity for future casino resorts.

Concretely, casinos will only be able to advertise in airports and ports. The terminals will be able to accommodate advertising panels and other posters, but that will remain there, a priori. Lawmakers refuse to put up posters in bus shelters or in the metro.

The arrival of land-based casinos in Japan is good news financially because the country could become the main gaming destination in the world, ahead of Macau and Las Vegas. However, problem gamblers must be a major concern. The pachinko is already taking sometimes alarming proportions, so it is out of the question to highlight this vice that is the gambling.

Land-based casinos will be open to everyone, but the country mainly hopes to attract tourists and ensure that restrictions are imposed on Japanese residents, such as charging entry fees or limiting the number of monthly and annual visits.

These restrictive measures, in particular advertising, are not as drastic as in some countries but are part of the global trend which wants the protection of the player (at least the non-incitement of the masses) to be put forward. Generate money through gambling, yes, but there is a limit, and this limit is typically the minor or the problem gambler. These people should definitely not be involved in gambling.

As a reminder, three casino resorts should be built in Japan, knowing that the city with the most lead at the moment remains Osaka.

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